Gento universiteto sinologo dr. Mathieu Torck paskaitos

MT intKviečiame dalyvauti Gento universiteto (Belgija) sinologo dr. Mathieu Torck paskaitose 2019 m. balandžio 8–10 dienomis.

Paskaitos vyks anglų kalba.

Pirmadienis, balandžio 8 d. 17 val. J. Kovalevskio aud.
Fernand Braudel’s Méditerranée and the maritime history of East Asia

In this lecture insights will be provided into the way Fernand Braudel’s groundbreaking historical model in the past few decades has been applied to the history of the Indian Ocean World and more specifically also to East Asian maritime history. Furthermore, a practical survey will be given of fields of study which are brought together in a concerted approach allowing for a much more nuanced in-depth analysis of themes in East Asian maritime historical research.

Antradienis, balandžio 9 d. 13 val. Japonų k. aud.
Maritime prohibition, piracy and coastal defense during the Ming dynasty

In the beginning of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) imperial authorities devoted much attention and effort to the strenghtening of coastal defenses against invading Japanese and Sino-Japanese pirate groups, yet in the long course of the dynasty, except for a few crises, piratical raids rather remained a minor problem.The lecture provides a survey of the history of coastal defense works, focuses on the organizational aspects of coastal defense in Ming China and evaluates the effectiveness of this “Great Maritime Wall”, also in light of the dynasty’s downfall towards the middle of the 17th century.

Trečiadienis, balandžio 10 d. 15 val. Japonų k. aud.
Military logistics and food supply: health and hygiene in pre-modern and early modern Chinese armies

In April 1661 Zheng Chenggong’s naval forces crossed the Taiwan Straits on their mission to expel the Dutch from the island. Due to adverse weather conditions the troops faced the danger of rapidly shrinking food supplies, which forced them to have recourse to rather scanty amounts of Penghu Islands crops such as sweet potatoes, barley, and millet. This insignificant incident within a much larger story of naval operations and shifting political realities, mirrors the cornerstone importance of adequate logistics in times of peace and all the more so during military campaigns. In this lecture I will provide a tentative survey of logistics and food supply techniques in pre-modern Chinese armies and in addition explore traces of traditions of military medicine.


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